Friday, August 6, 2010

Santucci's Italian Deli: Cheap and Satisfying

Anyone with experience dining on a tight budget probably has a few sandwich places already researched, sampled, and approved. Why? Because sandwiches are cheap and filling. Since I am simultaneously broke and hungry on a daily basis, I searched for a good sandwich place. I dug around and and decided to head to Santucci’s Deli in the Woodmoor Shopping Center at Four Corners.

First off, it differs from the likes of Subway by being an actual deli. Yes, you can get all sorts of sandwiches and sides, but also an order of fresh, sliced meat so you can assemble your own artisan sandwiches at home. I snapped a few pictures, ordered the 10” beef barbecue sandwich for a modest $6.50, and waited as they diligently went to work. Another noticeable difference between Santucci’s and big sandwich chains is the preparation. Sandwich chains create the sandwiches assembly-line style while Santucci’s employees have been in the sandwich business for quite some time and stick with their orders from start to finish.

Before long, my order was ready. My wait was noticeably longer than it would be at Quizway John’s, but not so long I lost patience. I took a seat at the dining counter along the front window and snapped a picture of my delicious looking and smelling sub. Not many things on this world smell better than barbecued meat and at this moment, it’s hard to name something that does. I sunk my teeth through the fresh, crusty bread, coleslaw, and cooked onions brought me back to every backyard barbecue that I have ever experienced.

Just as I jotted down this deep observation of life and food, I heard a voice over my shoulder ask why I was taking photos. It was the owner and I informed him I was a food blogger working on my second blog (my first can be found here). His suspicious, questioning demeanor turned into encouraging friendliness. I informed him of the high praise of his establishment that led me here and he was even more appreciative of my picture taking. I laid on the flattery, hoping for a comped meal, but no luck.

Will I go back? Yes, but I’ll be busy searching new places for new posts for a while. I would like to try the eggplant parmesan sub.

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