Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pizza Movers II: Very cheap, but still not worth it.

If you’re ever in the mood for a good pizza, you need to keep moving past Pizza Movers II.  I was in the mood for the cheesy, flat pie we all know and love as pizza and their large one topping pizza for only $8.95 definitely got my attention.  Normally, I like mushrooms, unless they’re the canned and taste more like aluminum than the tasty fungi they are.  If they’re canned, I order pepperoni instead.  
          I entered Pizza Moves II, was quickly greeted, and I asked if the mushrooms were fresh or canned.  The lady behind the counter replied with a big, friendly smile and said, “Fifteen minutes!”
          Quickly deducing there was a considerable language barrier, I said, “Pepperoni,” and she left her place behind the register and began to get to work in the kitchen.
          My order was soon finished, boxed, purchased, and transported home.  I admit to enthusiastic anticipation.  The pizza was considerable size and as previously mentioned, only $8.95.  However, the positive points of this dining experience end with that.  The edges of the singed pepperoni curled up like little cups filled with grease.  I took some paper towel and dabbed away as much grease bleeding from the surface as I could.  The cheese tasted like American processed cheese and not ‘real’ cheese.  I know, I know, what was I expecting for $8.95?  I guess there’s another plus, plenty of leftovers, but you may not like them.
This would have been an amazing find back in my university days when my insides were made of a sturdier stuff than they are now, my taste buds were less discerning, quantity trumped quality, and $10.00 was my weekly budget and not just a meal budget.  But now, I’m a refined cheapskate and demand the highest standards of my cut rate eateries.
          Will I go back?  No.

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