Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Doomed Quest: Wah Lock Restaurant in Takoma Park

Wah Lock Restaurant is another disappointing stop on The Doomed Quest.

Once again, Ms. Classy and I set out to find a decent Chinese restaurant and pointed us to Wah Lock.  We couldn’t help but notice the favorable reviews and hoped that this would be the diamond in the rough!  The end to our quest so near to our own abode as well!

To begin, she was in the mood for wonton soup, while I am always eager for a nice and thick egg drop soup.  For our entrĂ©es, we immediately went to the top two dishes we seek in any Chinese restaurant: Crispy Fried Shredded Beef and Singapore Curry Noodles (labeled as Singapore Chow Mei Fun on their menu).

Once we got home, we dished up the soup and plated the entrees and excitedly dug in.  Unfortunately, that’s where our excitement ended.  The egg drop soup tasted like it was LOADED with pepper.  I’m not one to shy away from liberal doses of pepper, but there’s a line between a food item being ‘strongly seasoned’ and ‘ruined’. The wontons in the soup were good, flavorful, and tender but the broth left a lot to be desired.  We did finish the wantons, but left the broth and the egg drop soup unfinished.

The remainder of the dinner was just as disappointing.  The Singapore Chow Mei Fun also tasted as if its main ingredient was pepper.  I can take the heat of well-seasoned foods, but I want some flavor underneath the spice.  The Crispy Fried Shredded Beef had the opposite problem: it was far too sweet and the sauce was too thick and “goopy” for lack of a better word.

On the plus side, they were very pleasant and were genuinely glad to have our business when we picked up our order.  Though good customer service always gets a plus point from me, when stacked against the overall disappointment, we decided we will not be returning.

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