Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wendy’s natural cut fries with sea salt: How do they compare to Five Guys fries?

Wendy’s has made much ado about their new “Natural Cut” fries with sea salt (you can read my stand alone review of them here). Well, since they wanted to up their standard, I decided to put them head to head against what I consider ‘the standard’ of fast food French fries: Five Guys.

Both brands are similar in appearance, with potato skins on the tips of the long fries. Both also are cooked without the use of trans fat. But this is where their similarities end. Five Guys offers the far superior product. The tender fries have a deep russet flavor and the perfect texture. They are still the standard. Wendy’s fries are still not quite as flavorful, though I will admit to enjoying the sea salt.

When compared to their previous product, Wendy’s natural cut fries are good. When compared to Five Guys, well, I’ll just say they still have a few large strides to go before Five Guys has to worry about losing any market share. 

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