Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eat Wonky Food Truck

Never has a mobile cart combined two food items that are deeply rooted in two national identities.  From the north, we have the gravy covered curds and fries slathered on top of the emblematic beef frank that is the definitive food item of the American summer.  I couldn’t imagine what could make a better representation if our two nations ever decide to join as one, with the gentlemen from the Eat Wonky food truck selected to be our good will ambassadors to the rest of the world, greeting all world leaders with a friendly hello and a large beef frank topped with a pile of poutine.

I have to give these gentlemen high marks for coming up with a product that will set them apart from the other lunchtime food trucks parked around DC.  When I went to try their Wonky Dog, I noticed three other food trucks within a block’s distance, so lunch competition is fierce and an increasing number of trucks are offering items outside of the “pizza/burger/hot dog/fries” range of a quick lunch.  Their unique style and cuisine will keep them in lunch time considerations of anyone wanting a quick, cheap, and filling lunch.

So, uniqueness of style and substance aside, what did I think of their food?  Well, the Wonky Dog is a huge portion for only $6.  Too big for a standard bun, they have to use a hoagie bun to act as a bowl-like holder for the jumbo all-beef frank, generous portion of fries, large cheese curds, topped with a brown gravy.  The frank is not grilled so there’s no smoky, charred flavor that plenty of dog lovers crave.  However, the frank was splitting at the seams with juiciness which worked for me.

Now to the poutine.  Ms. Classy is a proud Canadian and we have had some amazing poutine on our visits to Canada.  The fries were good.  The cheese curds were large and fresh, but needed to be a little more ‘melty’.  The gravy had a nice hint of garlic, but it seemed a tad thin.  A thick, hot gravy would have made the curds softer and stretchable where I would have used several fries to scoop up some stretchy cheese with a nice dollop of thick, flavorful gravy.

Overall, it is worth the $6.  If you like hot dogs, fries, cheese, and a full stomach that’s light on the wallet, you won’t regret getting a bit wonky for lunch.

To find out where you can purchase poutine, you can follow their serving locations on twitter @eatwonky or check their website at

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