Friday, June 29, 2012

Boundary Stone Public House

Boundary Stone Public House has great honey hot wings for half price during happy hour.

        I finally allowed myself to get around to trying the honey hot wings at Boundary Stone after they were voted the best in DC by the Washingtonian Magazine.  I was quite excited, since my old place for wings went defunct and I have yet to find a suitable replacement to get my wings fix.  I didn’t do any background research into Boundary Stone, other than reading the final installment of the Wing Wars series, so I was expecting this to be a predominantly wings-centered pub.  I was initially disappointed when they did not have different selections of wings and only as a side item of eight wings for $8.00.  I ordered them with the thought of ‘these better be the best wings I’ve ever had.’

When they arrived, their appearance and aroma were very appetizing.  Normally, I don’t bother with dipping sauces with wings.  If the wings are really good, I don’t think any sauce is needed.  These came with a side of homemade bleu cheese dressing and celery slices and I was curious about the homemade aspect, so I dunked a celery slice into the dressing to sample it.  This was the best bleu cheese dressing I’ve ever had.  It was rich, creamy, with a tang of bleu cheese but not so strong it overpowered the creaminess.  I’m typically don’t care one way or the other about bleu cheese dressing, but I definitely liked it here.  The honey hot wings were really good.  They were a little bit tangy, a little bit, spicy, and a little bit sweet - better than that old place I used to go.  The wing sauce blended perfectly with the bleu cheese dressing.  The meat was juicy and tender.  These things were meant to eat slowly and enjoy. The next item I tried was the half-smoke corn dog, which was up on their featured specials board for $9.  This comes with a side of their homemade chipotle mustard.  The bartender explained all their sauces are homemade, but they carry brand names because some customers have fierce brand loyalties.  Since I never tried it before, I asked for some homemade ketchup to compare condiments.  The smooth tomato flavor of the house ketchup was nothing like the highly sweetened, processed, and mass produced version.  However, I thought the chipotle mustard was a better fit for the corn dogs.  The cheddar jalapeno cornbread was just spicy enough so it would be bland when paired with the spicy half-smoke.  These are the best corn dogs ever.  For another added bonus, I found a new type of beer: Widmer Bros. Citra Blonde Summer Brew.  Its light, hoppy/citrus flavor is a good match for the summer heat.
        I did thoroughly enjoy everything I ate, but I strongly suggest going during happy hour.  The wings are normally $8.00, but drop to $4.00 during their happy hour from 4pm-7pm M-Th (P.S. Parking will probably be difficult during those times).  You could double up your order and get 16 wings for $8.00, which is a very good price for some very good wings and will simulate the ‘Big Bucket O’ Wings’ experience.  The happy hour price hits my criteria for a “Cheap Eats Jackpot!”  

If you’re looking for a ‘Big Bucket O’ Wings’ place, this is not it.  However, if you’re looking for a higher-level cuisine than your average pub with ‘bring-a-date’ quality food and atmosphere (well, that depends on how cool your date is.  This is not a place for squares), you should check it out.  There are several seasonal menu offerings not listed on the online menu and I’m sure you’ll find something interesting.

-Mr. Cheap Eats

Boundary Stone Public House is located 116 Rhode Island Ave NW, Ph: 202-621-6635
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  1. Buffalo wings are my favourite dish but lately I am loving the taste of honey flavoured chicken wings. It looks like you really enjoyed eating it. I should visit that restaurant soon.

  2. We have the same opinion about chicken wing dishes. I can say that chicken wings are well cooked if it doesn’t need any sauce because it is juicy and flavorful.