Friday, July 20, 2012

Hill Country Barbecue Market in Penn Quarter

Every now and then, I do enjoy a little splurge and treat myself to something that doesn’t qualify as a ‘cheap eat.’  I’ve been to Hill Country four times over the last two years with friends and family and decided I’d like to highlight my favorite parts of my visit.

Like I said, even though Hill Country isn’t cheap, if you’re careful you can walk out of there without unloading too much weight from your wallet.  For example, the meat combo titled the Pit Master, which consists of ¼ lb. of lean brisket, one pork spare rib, one beef rib, a quarter chicken, and any two good eatin (large) sides.  Even though the meal ticket claims this is a meal for one, this $25.00 combo can feed two.

If you’re not up for a combo, you can order their various meats by the pound.  This raises an important question: which meats are worth their weight in yumminess?  I’ll give you a breakdown of the selections found in the Pit Master.  Both the pork and the beef ribs were tasty, but considering the price per pound, you’re paying for a significant amount of bone.  However, the two meats that really blew me away were the brisket and barbecue chicken.  When given the choice of white or dark meat, I usually opt for the juicier, less healthy, dark meat.  That’s not necessary here.  The white meat is plump, juicy, with a delicious cooked-on barbecue coating.

But my favorite of all favorite meats was the brisket.  It did not need any seasoning or sauce – it is simply that good on its own.  I would still visit Hill Country as often as I do if the only two menu items were brisket and ice water – the brisket is just that good.   Did I mention the brisket is good?

-Mr. Cheap Eats

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