Saturday, September 29, 2012

Maggie's in Bethesda

In my experience, there are only two types of restaurants: the type where you neatly fold your cloth napkin on your lap and the type where you keep a crumpled up piece of paper towel next to your paper-lined basket full of wonderful fatty foods.  Maggie’s in Bethesda is definitely the latter. 

I’m a big sucker for wings, especially cheap happy hour deal wings.  Maggie’s happy hour has draft beers for a measly $2 and $0.75 wings.  For a mere $9.50 (not including tax and tip), I ordered a Yuengling and ten wings (five honey mustard and five lemon pepper).  My beer was served immediately and I enjoyed sipping away and watching the games on their many large TVs displayed throughout the establishment.

When the wings emerged from the kitchen, I could barely restrain myself long enough for the photo before digging in.  During all my visits to Maggie’s, I’ve tried the Garlic Parmesan, Honey Hickory, Honey Mustard, and Lemon Pepper wings.  Of these selections, I highly preferred the saucy wings (honey mustard, honey hickory) over the dry seasoned wings (garlic parmesan, lemon pepper).  I casually mentioned this to a bartender named Jeff, who happened to be the owner.  He took this as a personal challenge and told me to sit tight and wait for some amazing dry wings.  He soon placed an order of the Naked Old School wings.  Boy, were they good.  They were hot, spicy, and dry without the greasiness of the breaded dry rubbed wings.

I expressed my gratitude and my enjoyment for the wings and the fact I will be back. Jeff told me there soon would be more than just tasty wings.  He told me about his plans to revamp the pizza menu to include pizzas that used wing sauces instead of tomato sauce, which ensured multiple return visits.

-Mr. Cheap Eats

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