Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cedar Crossing Tavern and Wine Bar

I’m more than happy to pick up Ms. Classy from the Takoma Metro Station; whether she’s returning home from work or a night out doing classy things with her classy friends.  She thinks I’m just a step away from sainthood because of my willingness to pick her up from the Takoma Metro Station whenever she requests.  I do this not because I’m such a great guy, it’s just that I’m hungry.  You see, immediately around the corner from the station’s main entrance is Cedar Crossing Tavern and Wine Bar.  The burgers are tasty and the extra cost for a slice of pork belly is worth it.
            On a non-descript Wednesday night, I arrived at the Takoma Metro Station long before Ms. Classy was due to arrive, so I happily whiled away the time at Cedar Crossing.   I’ve read many reviews touting the burgers, but noted that they are only available Mondays and Tuesdays.  I ordered a New Holland Full Circle Kolsch to consider my menu options…until I saw a server emerge from the kitchen with a reputedly tasty burger and place it in front of a customer.  I asked if I could also get a burger, he nodded, and asked if I’d like to add a side item.  My beer was my side item, so I declined.
            “Would you like a slice of pork belly on your burger?” He asked.  Now, I have a strict policy when asked if I want a slice of pork belly: regardless of where I am, who I’m with, or what I’m doing I always answer yes – no exceptions.  The upcharge for the savory sizzling piece of pork belly was $1.50 and it was worth every penny.  The burger patty was juicy and the thick slab of pork belly was the perfect topping.  To give the burger a little bite, I sauced it up with mayo mixed with horseradish.
            Will I go back?  Yup.  I will call ahead to see if those delicious burgers are availabe.  As long as they’re being served up, I’ll happily wait as long as needed for Ms. Classy to return from a fancy gals’ night out.

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