Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wang Dang Doodle Barbecue Shop in Takoma Park

I’m the lucky recipient of several wonderful gifts this holiday season and one of them was the discovery of a hidden barbecue heaven named Wang Dang Doodle Barbecue Shop in Takoma Park.  Tucked in the back garden area of the Summer Delight eatery, this one-man barbecue operation serves up authentic back yard barbecue cuisine unmatched in price.  I’ve gushed about the brisket at Hill Country, but Wang Dang Doodle Barbecue Shop serves up the same mouth-watering brisket strips at a much lower cost.
When I arrived, I met Michael, the owner, proprietor, and head barbecue specialist and he invited me to the back to show me his little operation.  When I saw this backyard style get-up, I knew this was going to be some great food.  He allowed me to snap photos of the different meat offerings slowly cooking on his grill and the aroma alone nearly caused me to lose my composure.  When he unwrapped the brisket, I couldn’t hold out any longer and nearly fell down and begged for a brisket sandwich.  The sides are also your standard homemade backyard barbecue fare: roasted corn on the cob, corn fritters, potato salad, and baked beans.  Since it was a rather chilly day, Michael suggested the hot and flavorful baked beans.
He brought out the brisket sandwich with cups of horseradish mayo and barbecue sauce on the side, incase I was one of those philistines who preferred barbecue sauce on a good brisket.  The meat was smoky, tender, succulent, and heaped onto the bread.  Make sure you add the proper amount of horseradish mayo (I had to ask for another little cup) for a zingy compliment to the savory beef.  The side of baked beans was hot and chocked full of brown sugar and barbecue sauce goodness.
As finished my lunch and basking in the afterglow of a good meal, Michael informed me that the fryer was ready and suggested I try the corn fritters.  My arm being adequately twisted, I ordered some.  These sweet and crunchy nuggets of joy will satisfy all the deep fry fanatics out there.  I emailed my fabulous lunch pictures to Ms. Classy, which lead to a quick decision on what we’ll be having for lunch the next day: the brisket (of course!) platter and the pulled pork platter.  Again – pure backyard barbecue perfection.  The brisket was as excellent the second visit and the pulled pork was unlike any restaurant-bought pulled pork I’ve ever had (this is a very good thing).  The barbecue sauce is given on the side, so you can control the sauciness level and the texture and flavor were out of this world – this is not sloppy pulled pork, this is a work of barbecue art!
Will I go back?  Yes, yes, and yes.  There are a few things that potential customers need to consider: this is something the owner does on the side, so the hours are limited to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday lunch and dinner.  Wang Dang Doodle Barbecue Shop is also a one-man operation and his equipment is outdoors, so depending on how much barbecue is served up and weather conditions, some menu items may not be available.  I suggest calling ahead when planning to grab some of the greatest barbecue in a cheap eats price range.

Wang Dang Doodle Barbecue is located at 6939 Laurel Ave Takoma ParkMD 20912
Phone: (202) 306-5707

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