Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where to watch the game: Three Brothers in Greenbelt

The same question arises every game day: where is a good place to go eat some wings, drink some beer, and watch the game?  I have a suggestion I thought I’d never say – Three Brothers Pizza in Greenbelt.  Yes, you read that right.  I would have never guessed it but luckily a coworker frequents the place and invited me to an after-work drinking and venting session.
I was skeptical of his venue, but I consented to make an appearance.  He told me to go past the pizza area to the bar in the back.  I never realized there was a bar in the back and was quite surprised by what I saw.  Not only does this have standard bar fare, also a nice long bar equipped with comfortable stools and large screen televisions and to my complete shock: a fully stocked raw bar!  You can get all sorts of shellfish in the raw or steamed!  I have to admit, I was floored.
As soon as I regained my facilities, I saddled up to the bar and ordered the item that sets my standard for all bar food: wings.  At ten for $7.99, they have a favorable dollar:wing ratio and were cooked perfectly – crispy and juicy, however, they do not offer a variety of flavors.  Then came the special treat: apparently my coworker is quite the regular and knows of certain off menu items.  On Fridays, the bartender/cook usually has some fresh crab and will make you a crab cake upon request.  The cake was sizable, and the crab was very plentiful, fresh, and not overloaded with mayo and filler.  The only thing missing was a dash of seasoning.  The crab itself was as good as it gets, but I felt it needed a dash of something to top it all off.
Will I go back?  Yeah, but not on my own or with Ms. Classy.  This is my happy hour with coworkers spot until further notice.  But I do assure you, my faithful reader (hi mom!) that I will be back.  I will also skip the wings and crab cake and try some of their raw bar selections.

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