Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hardy's BBQ Truck

          Since dealing with the loss of my favorite barbecue fix ever, there has been one consolation: Food Truck Friday's in Takoma Park.  Every Friday, several food trucks convene around town and Hardy's Barbecue Truck has been a recurring participant.  Ms. Classy and I needed our barbecue fix, so off I went to procure some sweet, sweet pig on a chilly Friday night.
          While waiting to order, my carnivorous hunger was stoked by the aroma of the billowing smoke wafting from the large grill containing sizzling meat.  We ordered a pint of pulled pork with a mix of sweet and spicy barbecue sauce.  My id pestered me to order just one more pint and the thought of getting drunk on pork was tempting.  However, I do like to at least keep the appearance of self-control, so I stuck to the plan: 1 pint and 2 sides.  For sides, we ordered mac and cheese and baked beans.  As expected, the pulled pork was amazing.  It was smoky, juicy, and that perfect pork texture only made better with a mixture of their sweet and spicy sauces.  As long as the mac and cheese is made with real cheese and not that alleged ‘cheese sauce’ from a tin can, it’s fine by me.  However, the side item that stood out was the baked beans.  They were brown-sugary sweet with a noticeable cinnamon flavor that sets them apart from a typical side of baked beans.

            Will we go back?  Uh, yeah!  We can't resist the pulled pork, but I will try to sneak in some brisket.  Whenever the good barbecue people decide to participate in Food Truck Friday, we’ll be eagerly waiting our turn in line.

-Mr. Cheap Eats

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