Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vace Italian Delicatessen in Bethesda

When looking for a dish that consistently scores the highest in my three main standards (flavor, fulfillment, frugality), it’s hard to beat a good pizza.  The problem is finding a pizza that scores high in all three categories.  Ms. Classy and I have skipped around to at least half a dozen modestly priced pizzerias around the DC metro area and haven’t been particularly impressed.  Not to say they were bad, but unremarkable.  One day, we just couldn’t fight it.  We were craving our favorite flat pie.  Instead of rehashing through places we’ve been, Ms. Classy put her impeccable research skills to work and discovered Vace Italian Delicatessen in Bethesda.

We ordered a large pizza at the base price of $9.50 (sauce and cheese only).  There’s a slightest little hiccup of a caveat: all toppings are an additional cost, but you’d have to really pile them on before your bill will be anywhere near ‘expensive.’  We ordered our favorites: pepperoni and mushroom on half, pepperoni sausage on the other, for a total of $12.00 plus tax.  Like I said before, I’m hard pressed to think of anything that can compete with a GOOD pizza in terms of my three standards.  Also take note of the business name: this place is a deli, not a restaurant.  The atmosphere is more of a small grocery/convenience store than a pizzeria (no seating area).

Was it good?  Yes, very much so.  The crispy texture of the crust was satisfying bite after crunchy bite.  Normally, I prefer my pizza to be heavy on the cheese and light on the sauce, but Vace’s pizza is the opposite.  I was skeptical when seeing the sauciness, but the aroma was enticing and I was so hungry that I would have gnawed through a brick wall to get at it.  Ms. Classy and I have eaten there twice in as many days.  This will quell our pizza cravings for the time being and we’re delighted to have a go to pizza place on speed dial that isn’t just the better side of mediocre.

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