Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wingo's in Georgetown: The Good, the Bad, and the Greasy

One truism comes to mind when eating chicken wings: the best flavors and seasonings cannot make up for low quality meat.  Wingo’s in Georgetown has some amazing flavors, but we ended up plucking off sizable bits of fat.

When it comes to food, Ms. Classy and I are extremely compatible.  Not to mean we love the same foods, but different parts of the same food.  For example, I love the green and yellow Skittles, she loves the red and purple ones.  When eating chicken wings, I love the drumettes and she loves the wingettes, and so on.  At Wingo’s, you can specify if you want wingettes or drumettes.  Unfortunately, we chose the busiest ‘wing’ day of the year (Super Bowl Sunday) and due to the volume of orders, they couldn’t provide that service.  We ordered 30 wings: 10 garlic parmesan, 10 lemon pepper, and 10 barbecue.  I called in my order before heading out because I was expecting a minimum of half an hour before they’d be ready, but the friendly order-taker said they’d be ready in 15 minutes so I threw down the phone and sped away.

Was it good?  Well, I’ll break down the good, the bad, and the greasy:

The Good:  The Lemon Pepper wings were the best.  The wings were crispy and the taste of the peppery spiciness and the citrus tang came through beautifully.  Ms. Classy started with these wings, but quickly switched to the barbecue so she could save the best for last.  I’ve had Lemon Pepper Wings at other joints, and they tasted like ‘salty wings,’ ‘pepper wings,’ or ‘fried nothing’ wings.  This was a very good flavor to choose.

The Bad: The quality of the chicken.  When we opened the packages, I gasped with joy at the size of the drumettes.  They were the most plump drumettes I’ve ever laid eyes upon.  But bigger isn’t necessarily better.  A significant amount of the size came from fat and gristle.  I had to tear sizable hunks off most pieces.  Ms. Classy had to pluck pieces of fat from the wingettes, but none nearly the size of the gobs attached to the drumettes. 

The Greasy:  If you expand the picture, you can see the pool of garlic butter at the bottom of the container of wings on the right side.  The Garlic Parmesan Wings were literally bathing in garlic butter.  No one can criticize these wings for lacking flavor, but expect a garlic punch in the mouth and be mindful of a dripping mixture of melted butter and chicken grease when removing the wings from the container.  If you’re into garlic buttery greasiness, you will love them.

Will we go again?  No.  Though their prices are nice and cheap, we found the wings overly gristly and greasy.  I know plenty of people who love fatty wings just fine, but it’s not for us.

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