Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BBQ Bus Food Truck

Not all barbecue is good barbecue.  One particular Friday, our favorite barbecue truck wasn’t at its usual spot in Takoma Park, but BBQ Bus was there to attempt to fill the void.  As a cheapskate, I was thrilled with their low prices.  One full pound of pulled pork for only $13.00 is hard to beat.  Throw in a side of baked beans and you have dinner for two that falls happily below my ‘cheap eat’ benchmark.
As we plated our hopefully tasty meal, the aroma of pulled pork and baked beans was intoxicating, but that’s where our pork-euphoria ended.  First off, the meat was excessively fatty.  I know that a pound of pulled pork slathered in barbecue sauce isn’t exactly
endorsed by Jenny Craig, but this was low quality meat and it detracted from our enjoyment of dinner (a bit dry and chewy).  The baked beans were good, but Ms. Classy and I found them underwhelming after reading all the amazing reviews.  Lots of people love the beans, we rate them as ‘ok.’
Will we go back?  No.  The price is right, but you really get what you pay for.  If we are really craving barbecue, we’d rather find the location of that other mobile barbecue joint and travel to wherever they may be spending the evening.

-Mr. Cheap Eats

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