Sunday, March 10, 2013

Luke's Lobster in Penn Quarter

The biggest difficulty being a cheapskate is my love of the gold standards of dining: crab, shrimp, and especially lobster.  When I’m able to treat myself to such delights, these tasty treats are stuffed into buttery rolls from Luke’s Lobster
The first time I sampled one of these amazing rolls, Ms. Classy surprised me with a lobster roll after a long day’s work.  After many heart-felt expressions of love and appreciation (to her, not the roll incase anyone was wondering), I bit into the lobster roll.  I was standing, but after that bite, I had to sit down.  This bun was packed with claw meat.  They added the perfect amount of mayo, butter, and spice to enhance the flavor, not overpower it.  The only thing that could have been added to make it a more perfect eating experience was another lobster roll.
When a good friend of ours came to visit, we planned a day out and about in the city, with Luke’s as our scheduled lunch break.  Having sampled the lobster, I opted for the shrimp roll.  Eating it fresh from the kitchen with the buttery toasted roll still warm only made it that much better.  I really had to temper my eating pace for fear of biting my fingers if I didn’t exercise some self-control.  
          Some people comment on the overall cost of the rolls compared to the size, but I would mistrust the quality of anything cheaper.  Shellfish is one of those foods where you get what you pay for.  And really, a shrimp roll with chips and a soda for $10 is as good as it gets when you want it stuffed with quality shrimp and not a stale roll filled with ‘shrimp salad’ that’s mostly celery, mayo, and some fishy-tasting shrimp from a can that’s god knows how old.

-Mr. Cheap Eats

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