Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Big Greek Cafe

          I love Greek food.  However, I can accurately say, “I love ___________ food,” with nearly every nationality that loves to sling food filling in the blank.  I also, to your utter shock, love cheap food.
          The Big Greek Café is a place where my two favorite things merge as one.  Every Wednesday, they serve up tasty gyros for only $5.00.  I tell you, this is one of the crown jewels of cheapdom.  The combination of the fried pita, shaved lamb, chopped tomatoes and onion, and cool refreshing tzaziki sauce, along with the large portion, made this quite a satisfying meal at a price I can afford again and again.  Seriously, I don’t know how they prepare their pita bread, but it’s unlike any other pita that I have ever had.

          Unfortunately, this deal is only on Wednesdays.  However, there are affordable menu items available every day.  Ms. Classy and I stopped here after shopping on a Saturday evening.  For $6.75 each, she ordered the chicken souvlaki pita and I was a little more naughty and ordered the pork souvlaki pita.  Both pitas were loaded with ingredients and the strips of meat were grilled amazingly.  My only caveat is that due to how overstuffed they are, they get messy.  Make sure you lean over your plate and have a napkin handy.  After enjoying the pita, you’ll also enjoy taking a fork and eating the tasty remnants that have fallen to your plate.   The most amazing thing is, they are completely satisfying.  Before our shopping excursion, Ms. Classy and I had a very light lunch and we were starving.  After finishing my pork souvlaki pita, I just had to lean back and give my happy belly a pat.

-Mr. Cheap Eats

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