Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You need to try the Poho style wings at Tommy Joe's in Bethesda

When I have unforgettable wings, I have to give a shout out.  This shout out goes to Tommy Joe’s in Bethesda and their amazing Poho style wings.  When a restaurant can take something as ubiquitous as wings and make them stand out and memorable, it’s worth recognition and revisits.

I had noticed Tommy Joe’s, what seemed to be a little smokehouse, quite some time ago and made a mental note to try them out when I happened to be hungry and nearby.  Well, eventually that day came.  I sauntered up to the bar during the quiet hours between lunch and dinner and was quickly handed a menu.  The first thing I search for is their wing offerings and if they only have the usual barbecue, buffalo, and plain/Old Bay, I check to see if any other items catch my eye, only returning if the rest of the items seem as unexciting as their wing flavors.  That’s when I saw the Poho style wings double basted in a secret sauce and finished on a grill.   I asked about this enigmatic item and the bartender explained that they are a popular item ad one of her favorites.  Capturing the spirit of anyone who has ever proclaimed ‘YOLO,’ I ordered these wings.

And am I glad I did.  The grill finish gave them a dry texture and a slight, smoky flavor.  I prefer dry wings over extra saucy wings due to my inability to keep my face clean while eating them.  There was a subtle spiciness, a little tangy, and an underlying peanut flavor.  These wings had a complex and unique flavor that really puts them in the top percentile of wing flavors.  There is no need for a dipping sauce, unless you want to mask the wonderful flavor of the wings.  Also, the chicken was good quality.  The wings were juicy and not loaded with fat and gristle.  Unfortunately, my visit was a couple hours before happy hour and I paid full price ($10.50 for 10 wings).  I’ll have to remember to return during happy hour, 4pm-8pm M-F, to get them half price.

-Mr. Cheap Eats

Tommy Joe's: 301-654-3801 4714 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda MD
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  1. Hello! I'd like to have a dry texture and a slight, smoky flavor. The wings look cool!

  2. This portion looks yummy. I hope that I'll like it. Thank you for sharing those ideas!

  3. I also love this idea. I'd prefer something plain. Eat more and get slimmer by shopping of truly cravings-curbing foods.