Friday, August 16, 2013

Capitol City Brewing Company turned 21

          This month, Capitol City Brewing Company turned 21 and celebrated by adding a new brew to their lineup:  Honey 21.  I was pleased to get an invite to the birthday bash, as I'm always pleased when I have evidence that someone actually reads my blog.
          A few of the big bloggers in town were also in attendance, each with an entourage.  I grabbed a complimentary Honey 21 and did my best to stay out of the way as I watched these entourages intermingle.  Realizing I was reliving every high school dance I've ever attended, I quickly joined in the jabbering.  Soon, appetizers were served, and I immediately locked onto the plates of Buffalo and Old Bay wings.  There were several other non-wing items presented, but I don't recall what they were.  Brushing all conversation aside, I plucked a couple wings from each plate.  I usually don't order 'Old
Bay' anything because I imagine the seasoning applied to the ordered food item with one of those baseball game t-shirt cannons: to mean that there is usually WAY too much Old Bay heaped upon the order.  However, these wings were complimentary and also had a sensible dusting of Old Bay that didn't require an immediate palate cleanse after every nibble.  The Buffalo wings were not breaded and the sauce is made in-house.  Overall they were good.  The flavors were standard, the quality of the chicken was good, the cooking was spot on, but they didn't stand out.
          Eventually, my hunger escalated.  I slid up to the bar, tried the Smokey Wheat beer and ordered the Tuna Steak Sandwich.  The bartender plunked down a basket of complimentary soft pretzels with a horseradish-based sauce to keep me occupied while my dinner was being prepared.  The bartender was awesome: quick service and full of witty banter.  The Tuna Steak Sandwich finally arrived.  The tuna was impressively thick and wonderfully seasoned.  However, it was cooked within an inch of its life.  I would have preferred the tuna to be seared on the outside and deliciously red on the inside, but this was white and dry all the way through.
          Unfortunately, the food was overall disappointing.  What I enjoyed most was the busy sports bar atmosphere and the friendly and funny bartender.  If your main goal is a place with lots of seating, micro-brewed beers, and lots of sports on lots of televisions, with friendly and entertaining service, then this place should be on your short list.  If you're looking to sit down to tasty bar fare, there are better options.

-Mr. Cheap Eats
Capitol City Brewing Company: 202-628-2222  1100 New York Ave NW
Capitol City Brewing Company on Urbanspoon


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