Sunday, August 25, 2013

Founding Farmers in Foggy Bottom

I know, Founding Farmers is definitely not a place for a cheap fellow like me, and you're right (I'll talk about my bill later).  However, they do have wings on the menu and it's my civic duty to try all the wings DC has to offer.  Since it was about 10 minutes to happy hour, I inquired about Founding Farmers happy hour offerings, but my cheer was deflated with the news that they did not participate in such tomfoolery.
  With no happy hour to cure the 'I'm paying full price' blues, I got down to business and ordered the plate of Oven-Roasted Black Pepper Wings, along with a Lime Basil Saison brought in from 3 Stars Brewery.  When the wings came, I couldn't help but notice they looked amazing, and they were.  The shimmery soy glaze, chopped scallions, with a squeeze of fresh lime drizzled over top and the zip of pepper gave a complexity of flavors that's a rare find in an order of wings.  The quality of cooking as also top notch: crispy on the outside with tender, juicy chicken on the inside.
However, this was not the perfect wing experience.  I had one problem: this plate of six wings cost $9.00, with an $8.00 beer to boot.  I've been to other places whose regular priced wings have exceeded the 1:1 dollar:wing ratio, but not by this much and they also offered a happy hour where the prices of wings and beer were significantly reduced.
In the end, yes, the wings were amazing (they'd better be at that price, or they would have had a one-man riot on their hands), but they were also the most expensive and not even the best of the best that I've had.  In a town that specializes in high-end happy hours, I don't consider Founding Farmers to be in the top echelon of restaurants that are above having one.

-Mr. Cheap Eats

Founding Farmers: 1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW 202-822-8783
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