Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Good Stuff Eatery in Capitol Hill

The Good Stuff Eatery has been on my ‘to eat’ list for quite a while.  I’ve read numerous postings about the awesome burgers and viewed mouth-watering pictures of the hand-spun shakes all over twitter and tumblr.  Well, this day was my time to shine.

The lunch hour was officially underway and the tail of the snaking line was nearly poking through the door.  This was to my benefit, since I was at the restaurant that’s the heart of the Venn diagram where cheap and delicious overlap and I was feeling indecisive about which burger to choose.  To my chagrin, the line moved quickly and I was forced to come to a decision, or else face the ire of the dozens of patrons behind me.  Since I skipped breakfast, the Spike’s Sunnyside burger seemed an appropriate choice.

The menu cautions to have plenty of napkins at the ready when ordering this burger.  As I’ve mentioned before, despite my best efforts, I’m a messy eater and I was sporting my professional garb – but the burger looked irresistible.  I ordered it and promised myself to eat it with exceeding caution (famous last words). 

The menu warning was necessary; it is a sloppy burger.  I tossed my tie back over my shoulder, inched my chair back, then leaned forward with my elbows jutted out and up, as if I was about to do a seated version of the chicken dance, and bit into the juicy, wonderful burger.  A mixture of yolk and Good Stuff Sauce slopped onto the paper-lined tray, but my clothes were mercifully spared.

Was it good?  Oh doctor, yes!  I’ve had the fried egg on burger before, and this was perfection.  The consistency of the yolk added to the juiciness and richness of the burger.  The mayo-based Good Stuff Sauce doesn’t stand out, but ties the flavors together.  And every menu item at every restaurant on earth is made better with bacon.  For a side, I got a snack size Spike’s Village Fries.  The sprinkle of thyme, rosemary, and sea salt elevates these fries from good to gourmet.

I tweeted about my meal satisfaction and had an immediate response to try the toasted marshmallow shake, but my stomach was at capacity.  Oh well, that means I have incentive for a return visit.

Mr. Cheap Eats

The Good Stuff Eatery: 202-543-8222 303 Pennsylvania Ave SE
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  1. Many thanks for the shared post! I never felt indecisive about which burger to choose, because I don't eat fast food!

  2. I would like to cook something highly unusual too. You know, it should be really interesting to get some of their special proposals.

  3. I truly love your ideas. However, to be honest, I try not to eat French Fries, since it's filled up with fat, it is not for the diet.

  4. Almost all the burgers I've tasted were bad except MacDonalds, they cook really good.