Sunday, September 22, 2013

We, the Pizza in Capitol Hill

          Since I loved Good Stuff Eatery (I even hand delivered a Sunnyside burger to Ms. Classy at her place of work just so she could experience the burger bliss), it was only a matter of days before I stopped by for a visit to We, the Pizza.
          When viewing the plethora of unconventional pizzas, I felt overwhelmed and indecisive.  However, I was visiting during the best time for speedy service and prompt turn-around time from ordering to eating: the doldrums between lunch and dinner.  Even though I had plenty of time to decide, I felt the intense pressure of a dozen or so unique and appealing pizza options pulling me in a dozen directions.  I could not decide, so I opted for a slice of the ‘pizza of the month’ before knowing what it was, which turned out to be spicy chorizo and corn salsa.  Their wings prices are reasonable, so I ordered a side of six Sriracha Hot & Honey Sweet wings.  Altogether, the tab totaled $10.00, managing to stay on par with my definition of a cheap eat.
          When I received my order, I found a seat and pondered where to start.  I have an obsession with
wings and immediately wanted to start there, however, the less time a pizza spends between the oven and your mouth, the better it is, so I went with the latter.  When I picked up the pizza slice, it held its shape.  I LOVE a firm, crunchy crust where the plate’s only purpose is to catch the crumbs instead of the dripping ingredients from a sagging slice.  The real kicker is that the crust also managed to have a bit of chewiness – absolute crust perfection.  As far as the flavor goes, it was very interesting.  I’ve never had corn on a pizza, but it worked.
          However, the real stars of the lunch were the wings.  I know I’m not being objective here, I am wing-obsessed, but these were great.  I chose the homemade ranch sauce with the hopes that I didn’t need to use it, because good wings can stand alone without the help of any sauce.  These wings had an excellent heat and sweet one-two punch.  The breading had just the right amount of thickness and the size and quality of the chicken were excellent.  I wanted to grab my phone and start canonizing my wing experience as it was happening, but this was a sticky-finger meal, so I had to wait until I scrubbed, rinsed, and scrubbed my hands again before touching anything.

          Will I go back?  Whenever I’m in or near the neighborhood.  I’m making it a personal goal to sample the four other wing flavors.  I could also pick up a Sunnyside burger at Good Stuff Eatery and compliment it with wings from We, the Pizza, but I don’t think I will.  Such a lunch experience would be my equivalent to summiting Everest.  Sure, having the Perfect Lunch would be monumental, but there would be a touch of sadness at knowing I've reached the highest point and a step away in any direction would be a step downward. 

-Mr. Cheap Eats

We, the Pizza: 305 Pennsylvania Ave SE  202-544-4008
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  1. This is a very good place! I like it so much. I used to go there with my family.